Fresh Perspectives in Metal

Metals became a focal point in my life when, at the age of thirteen, I began exploring the art and craft of jewelry. By nineteen the desire for self-sufficiency drove me to tool making and the vastness of ferrous metals. This quickly led to full-time concentration on larger scale functional, decorative and sculptural forms.

In terms of aesthetics, I appreciate and utilize the inevitable fingerprint of the maker. The direct process of forging allows for an improvisational quality to exist in a seemingly rigid substance. The surfaces reflect a very personal story. There are indications of skill level, aesthetic choices, and nuances of the tools used. Each new piece presents an opportunity to explore and refine these properties.

In 2002, I opened Tyler Studios LLC.  to pursue my personal vision. I work directly with private, commercial, and public clients, as well as through their, architects, designers and contractors.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my collection of works and enjoy!

Seth Tyler

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